This is a box of strongly scented Yatra Incense. They have an earthy smell that can effectively aid the user to attain a deeper level of meditation.


This is a box set of 12 boxes.

About 15 Incense sticks are in each box.


*Recommended only for Meditation.

Powerful Yatra Meditation Incense

  • The Incent represents the Transformative Essence of Life.

    • It acts as a Spiritual Bridge for the User to Interact with the Spiritual. (The Unseen)

Stay Motivated and Keep Learning

In Eastern Philosophy when we lose our path, we call this being lost among

The Ten Thousand Things.

Wherever you maybe in life - don't give up on yourself.
The reason this site is here is to 
help individuals facilitate themselves upon a way

 towards change

Keep moving forward and don't lose yourself among the Ten-Thousand Things.

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"The Unexamined Life is not worth living."

- Socrates (Plato via.The Apology of Socrates)

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