This is a beautifully crafted black and red resin Lao Tzu. He is pointing to the sky to indicate something much greater than himself. He is represented with a hole to indicate, that he is one with the nothingness-of-everything.


Dimensions (L x H): 5.7" x 10"

One With The Nothingness Lao Tzu

  • Lao Tzu represents The Most Natural State of Being.

    The Robe represents a Sage.

    Pointing To The Sky represents, Something Much Greater.

    The Long-Ears represents Someone Who Has Listened and Understands Alot.

    The color Red represents Transformation/Awakening in eastern culture. The color Black represents Emptiness.


    • The Hole in this particular piece represents Wholeness, No-Self, Emptiness.

Stay Motivated and Keep Learning

In Eastern Philosophy when we lose our path, we call this being lost among

The Ten Thousand Things.

Wherever you maybe in life - don't give up on yourself.
The reason this site is here is to 
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 towards change

Keep moving forward and don't lose yourself among the Ten-Thousand Things.

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"The Unexamined Life is not worth living."

- Socrates (Plato via.The Apology of Socrates)

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