*This is an extremely rare Greco-styled Buddha.


When king Ashoka sent his Buddhist missionaries in all directions, some Buddhist monks found their way into the middle east. Buddhism then found itself infused into Hellenistic traditions, which became a unique cultural blend called Greco-Buddhism (Greek-Buddhism). This form of Buddhism declined due to the religious and political power struggles within that region of the world.


This Buddha is a representation of that cultural understanding, from that particular area of the world.


Material: Marble


Dimensions: 2.9" x 2.5 x 10"

Greco-Styled Buddha

  • This is the Greco Understanding (Greek Cultured) of the Buddha.

    The Halo represents the Illuminated/Awakened Mind.

    The Robe represents a Sage.

    The Long-Ears represents Someone Who Has Listened and Understands Alot.

    The Dot in the center of the forehead represents the One-Pointed Mind.

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