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 Five Goals of The Dragon Philosophy 

  • Cultural Goal

  • Mental Disorder Goal

  • Philosophical Goal

  • Dharma Goal

  • Humanity Goal

 End of The Dragon Philosophy's Teachings 

  • Three End Goals for the Individual

     - The Unconditioned State

     - The Good Life

     - Humanities Way

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About Us


The Dragon Philosophy was established in 2018 to promote a unified understanding of eastern culture. Central teachings of philosophical masters such as Lao Tzu, The Awakened One, and Confucius - have all been embedded into the eastern understanding. As time has progressively moved forward, the rich understanding that has been hosted within these teachings and has passed down byways of culture - have become increasingly lost. This has been caused by numerous factors, a few being:


  • Language Barriers - between mother cultures and adopted cultures.

  • Insufficient Teachers - who possess the qualities, to pass down such teachings.

  • Incomplete Understandings - that are possessed by parents and/or guardian figures.


This has created not only a cultural gap for Asians Americans growing up in America today, but it has also made the overall eastern understanding of reality difficult to perceive. Americans and Asian Americans, in particular, are faced with a unique challenge in today's world. Since the task of developing and maintaining a central Identity - has become difficult for Individuals to develop. This has caused much conflict and confusion within Individuals in today's modern day society.


The Dragon Philosophy was established in order to circumvent this deterioration of eastern culture. As well as to provide Individuals with the means to develop and maintain a central Identity. Since here at The Dragon Philosophy, we seek to promote, preserve, and unify the understanding of these original teachings. It is The Dragon Philosophy's hope, that as long as humanity strives, that we will continue to provide Individuals from all backgrounds with the knowledge, materials, and practices that are necessary to facilitate - "The Great Way". 


This vessel to construct the spiritual gateway - will be here for those who seek to understand themselves.


The Dragon Philosophy

The Home of a Unified Understanding of Eastern Culture.




Five Goals of The Dragon Philosophy

These are the goals five public standing goals of The Dragon Philosophy.

As long as The Dragon Philosophy continues to strive - we will seek to promote this presence for the public.

  • Cultural Goal - To Preserve The Cultural Understanding of Eastern Cultures.

As society progressively moves forward, old Information must be presented in new ways. If this is not the case, rich cultural-knowledge will be lost. The Importance of cultural-knowledge is the teachings embedded within them. If the cultural-knowledge that these teachings genuinely have value, then the information should be presented in a new way. In doing so, this will allow the new generation to adopt such an understanding into their everyday lives.


The Cultural Goal of The Dragon Philosophy is - To Preserve The Cultural Understanding of Eastern Cultures. 


  • Mental Disorder Goal - To Provide Individuals with a Structural Understanding of The Nature of True Reality.

As society progressively moves forward, Individuals who do not develop a central Identity, struggle to find their place within the world. Those who grow up without a basis of culture are then, susceptible to the external forces within society. These external stimuli can greatly influence a person's biochemical nature since the Individual has no basis of understanding the reality around them. This leaves the Individual(s) affluent to the possibility of mental patterns of disorganizations to form.


This is because the Individual does not have a structural understanding of reality, In which to correctly interpret, his or her experienced phenomenon.


This is the Mental Re-ordering Goal of The Dragon Philosophy - To provide Individuals with a Structural Understanding of The Nature of True Reality.


  • Philosophical Goal - To Aid the Individuals Development of a Philosophical Understanding called  "The Way"; to establish - The Good Life.

As society progressively moves forward, the Interconnected of all human beings is increasing. This Increase in connectivity known as globalization, cannot be stopped. Therefore the philosophical "Way" should be understood for people to understand each other to a much greater degree. Those who develop a philosophical understanding of "The Way" will come to understand "The Good Life" and how to maintain that in their personal lives.


This is The Dragon Philosophy Philosophical goal - To aid the Individuals development of the Philosophical Understanding of "The Way"; to establish - The Good Life.


  • Dharma Goal - To Provide Individuals with Universal Access to the Dharma.

As society progressively moves forward, the suffering that place within the world should continue to be reduced, to a much greater degree. This calls for a more universal access to the Dharma. The Dharma being, the undeniable truths that depict the universal reality. Those without the knowledge of the Dharma, continue to suffer and yet, if they do not have this knowledge for themselves to test - Individuals will never be able to discover for themselves, whether or not this form of knowledge is true.


The goal of The Dragon Philosophy is - To Provide Individuals with a Universal Access to the Dharma - in a comprehensible/applicable form.


  • Humanity Goal - To Promote the General Welfare of Humanity.

As society progressively moves forward, the interconnectedness of all living beings is becoming more evident to all Individuals, of all forms, and nations. Therefore, for society to progress in a peaceful manner with a greater sense of unity - an appropriate medium must first be established in order to promote the general welfare of all Humanity - including nation, creed, and/or species.


The goal of The Dragon Philosophy is to act as this medium for all living beings.

The overall goal being - To promote The General Welfare of Humanity.





For the Individual, it is our hope to guide Individuals to achieve three of the following philosophical goals below. 


The End Goal 


The Dragon Philosophy For The Individual

"You must know when an Institution has outlived its usefulness." - Bruce Lee


The Dragon Philosophy is an Educational Resource that seeks to established, Culture.


We do this by promoting three philosophical concepts for the ordinary, everyday individual.


When these three concepts are attained by the Individual, by any degree, the Individual will have achieved the goal of The Dragon Philosophy. What will be left for the Individual to practice, is Culture. Since Culture, becomes the collective home for such practices.


When the Individual attains the understanding or ability of these three goals


The Gateway, The Fish, and The Dragon.


The philosophical, Individualistic goal of The Dragon Philosophy, will have been achieved.


       The Way of Detachment - (The Gateway)

  • The Individual Comes Into Contact With - The Unconditioned State


We seek to establish within the Individual the means, the practices, and the knowledge behind reaching - The Unconditioned State.


We seek to provide Individuals with the knowledge to free themselves from outside phenomenon; even from themselves.

Our goal is to guide Individuals to - The Unconditioned State.

        The Confucian, Platonic, and Socratic Dream - (The Fish)

  • The Individual learns to Preserve + Experience - The Good Life


   We seek to establish within the Individual an understanding of what is known as The Good Life. Western thought was based upon this original search and the Confucian dream followed this same path. For the daily Individual, we seek to provide the knowledge that is needed in order to maintain and expereince - The Good Life.

​​       The Extension of The Way - (The Dragon)

  • The Individual Develops a Central Understanding of - Humanities Way

We seek to establish within the Individual, a central understanding of - Humanities Way. This is the naturally established understanding that Individuals across the globe are on the same path but on different streams, of the same path. By learning to see the principal behind all practices, Individuals will be able to unveil the Illusions of duality between cultures. Thus, the Individual will learn to perceive - Humanities Way.


Important Topics

  • Where Do My Funds Go?

All purchases, donations, and allocations that The Dragon Philosophy receives, goes back into facilitation of The Dragon Philosophy. This will ensure that our message brings a greater awareness among Asian Americans, Other Americans, Daoist, Buddhist, Confucianist, Europeans, and/or anyone who may be interested in hearing our message.


Your funds ensure that the heart of eastern cultures is not forgotten. While also making the practices of eastern culture, more accessible for everyone.

  • Work With Us - How YOU Can Help

Here at The Dragon Philosophy, we do need help spreading our message. Individuals can support The Dragon Philosophy in a variety of ways. Whether that is making a purchase, featuring your products in our store, creating artwork, or kindly donating to our cause; The Dragon Philosophy is willing to accept help and/or do business in all forms.


Please kindly leave us a message at CS@TheDragonPhilosophy.com and let us know how you would like to help.

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