The Dragon Philosophy started in 2018 to allow Eastern Teachings to have an online presence in the global community.

Central teachings such as the Buddha 佛, Confucius 孔子, and Lao Tsu 老子 are innovated here to promote 
Enlightenment, Tranquility, and a Sense of Identity.

Hidden Symbolism found throughout Asian Cultures has been revealed here to provide the tools to transform the lives of the modern individual.

The Dragon Philosophy

- What they won't teach you in school - 

Is that the most peaceful take over in the history of the world can be traced back to three men.

The Harmony of the Three Teachings

The Awakened One

A true Master of the Void who guided a countless number of beings on the path of enlightenment towards the freedom that is Nirvana.


The Peaceful Recluse

The notes left behind by a mysterious recluse about the universal way changed the entire history of East Asia forever.

Lao Tzu  - 老子

The Cultural Father

An Influential teacher of moralityethics, and virtue; his teachings would go on to touch the lives of millions.


100% Fact Checked Quotes

There's a lot of fake quotes out there.

Which is why I hand-typed the best quotes from some of the greatest Masters in history to help all Beings, Truthseekers, Way finders, to discover - The Way.

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Hidden Symbolism Revealed

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