The Dragon Philosophy

- What they won't teach you in school - 

Is that the most peaceful take over in the history of the world can be traced back to three men.

The Harmony of the Three Teachings

The Awakened One

A true Master of the Void who guided a countless number of beings on the path of enlightenment towards the freedom that is Nirvana.


The Peaceful Recluse

The notes left behind by a mysterious recluse about the universal way changed the entire history of East Asia forever.

Lao Tzu  - 老子

The Cultural Father

An Influential teacher of moralityethics, and virtue; his teachings would go on to touch the lives of millions.


100% Fact Checked Quotes

There's a lot of fake quotes out there.

Which is why I hand-typed the best quotes from some of the greatest Masters in history to help all Beings, Truthseekers, Way finders, to discover - The Way.

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